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“When Lightning Strikes Twice is a masterpiece in navigating the mental health maze of the unthinkable, unbelievable, and untouchable.”

—Catherine Cameron, Psychotherapist

When the doctor said those two crushing words—bipolar disorder—the only thing rolling around in Melody Leclair’s head was confusion. This could not be happening… not again. With no documented family history of mental illness, the Leclairs now faced the unexpected diagnosis of bipolar disorder in not one, but two of their three children.

When Lightning Strikes Twice is an unparalleled memoir with first-person accounts, family perspectives, and collective insights from an extraordinary community of friends and clinicians. Follow this family’s heart-wrenching yet hope-filled journey of finding their new normal. With three teenagers in high school, the Leclairs’ world now included hospitalizations, medication, self-care, and prayer on top of the typical challenges of raising teenagers.

Read this heartfelt and authentic family experience of mental illness, punctuated with honesty and humour. You will undoubtedly be captivated, informed, and inspired.

“I would highly recommend this for any person who has children with mental illness in their world, whether among family or friends, in the classroom or congregation.”

—Jan Young Baker, M.D.

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