Is Mental Illness on the Rise? Or Has it Existed All Along?

Is mental illness on the rise or has it existed all along is a commonly asked question to which the answer is yes. Mental illness is on the rise and has existed all along.

Throughout the ages, mental illness has been largely viewed as a problem to contain. Asylums, isolation, and electric shock were amongst first responses to treat persons with mental illness.  Society has moved away from using these aggressive interventions to using much more effective approaches that diagnose, treat and integrate people into community. Of course, this is a work in progress.

Statistics reveal that mental illness are commonly diagnosed between the ages of 15-24 but affects people of all ages and does not discriminate against education, income levels and cultures. It is no wonder then that our college and university students are being affected at such alarming rates. Never mind pervasive societal norms and rising trends that add pressure, insecurity and anxiety making it more difficult on our health, both psychologically and emotionally.

It is imperative that as a culture we to adopt healthy change and work at making families healthy one person at a time. Regardless, of whether mental illness has increased, decreased, or existed all along, it’s worth our attention for every person to get the care they need. Conversations help reduce the stigma and that’s worth talking about!